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My story begins in France where I was born and raised. I was always the ‘Breton girl’ in my Normandy schools, so it is no surprise that I have now almost spent half of my life in France and the other half abroad. 
After a surprising and formative year lived in the USA as an Aupair, I settled back in Europe, in Ireland, attracted by our common Celtic roots. 
The first 9 years of my life in Ireland were simply amazing as I was a single girl employed by airlines and I could travel the world. I have always brought back tons of pictures from my travels, and I cherished the digital photo revolution! 
22 years later, I am now married to Paul, a Dubliner and we have one amazing son called Gabriel. We were blessed with being able to buy our own home a few years back and I was even more blessed to build my very own art studio in the back garden. 
Traveling the World was absolutely amazing, but I always felt sorry I couldn’t bring with me all my painting supplies, all the time. It really challenged me at times. I didn’t paint much.
I can now rejoice with my very own space, where I don’t have to tidy everything every time I’m finished. I can leave it here and be comfortable that it won’t bother anyone or that no one will knock or spill anything. It might sound silly, but to me, this is one of the many forms of happiness in life. Other sources are my passion for plants and for gardening. When I am not painting, you will find me at the allotment. Ok, I also love cooking, a lot.
I’m going to make a parallel with cooking and painting as they both use precise recipes in order to achieve the desired effect. Sometimes you need to use the same utensils to measure, mix and apply the paint to the canvas. 
I have followed night classes of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Caen in Normandy and also at a studio in Temple Bar in Dublin, so perhaps I’m not entirely self-taught. Drawing and painting are always in my head, even when I don’t touch a paintbrush for a few months. I love oil painting, graphite drawings, watercolors… I love it all.
So recently it was all about decorating our new house and covering the white walls with colorful canvases. I discovered acrylic pouring which has opened up a whole new world of techniques and communities across the World. I’m always curious and excited to see what they are doing in Australia, and the USA, and also France… 
A few years ago, I had a market stall selling upcycled furniture that I worked on myself. A way to re-use and limit waste. And to some extent, this idea of avoiding waste of paint brought me to making jewelry out of the excess paint first dripping out of the canvas, then later just designing the perfect color combo on acrylic skins. This is a strong bug and it won’t leave you so easily.
I hope you enjoy my work and that it brings you joy and peace.

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